VoyeurJapanTV vjt 26036-9-def-1 FINGERING HER PRETTY SLIT

VoyeurJapanTV vjt_26036-9-def-1 FINGERING HER PRETTY SLIT

Isn’t it a thrill to catch the private unguarded moments of a pretty Asian lady in her bed or alone in the bath? True voyeurs love seeing a Japanese beauty shyly primping, washing, even pleasuring herself in complete “privacy”. Our camera slinks into a room where a soft and beautiful lass clad in only panties is primly folding her feminine laundry.
Once she’s done she lies back to massage her perky nips and rub soft little circles across the furry bulge at her crotch. She slides out of her undies and lets that finger slide into the moist crease of her tight pussy. She’s unable to keep from wiggling and tossing in deep erotic delight.
File Size: 499 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:12:16

VoyeurJapanTV vjt 26036-8-def-1 BUZZ HER NAKED PUSSY

VoyeurJapanTV vjt_26036-8-def-1 BUZZ HER NAKED PUSSY

Your trusty Voyeur cam keeps finding lovely Japanese women unaware we’re catching all their private personal moments, and you get to enjoy them! Pretty young things are primping in front of their mirrors, brushing their hair, scrubbing their fresh, beautiful faces, doing beauty treatments. All so innocent until we see a towel slip to expose a pert little nipple or maybe a flash of dark pubes.
Then a lovely lass takes advantage of her “privacy” to flick a finger across her rosy nipples, reach down into her silky panties to pleasure her hungry little Asian pussy. She even finds her teeny vibrator and holds it buzzing tightly between her smooth creamy thighs. Finally she peels down her panties to writhe naked as she enjoys the incessant vibrations
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